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Timeline | Wimpy Moments | Wimpy South Africa - Wimpy UK

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    It all began in Lyon’s Corner House

    The first ‘Wimpy Bar’ opened at the Lyon’s Corner House on Coventry Street, London. The bar was originally a specialist fast-food section within the more traditional Corner House restaurant. Its popularity soon led to the establishment of separate Wimpy restaurants serving only hamburger-based meals.

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    Arrival in Durban, South Africa

    South Africa got its first taste of the famous Wimpy enjoyment at Murchie’s Passage, Durban in 1967. Today, Wimpy is one of the largest and most successful quick service restaurants in South Africa.

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    1,000 Restaurants

    By 1970, Wimpy breakfasts and burgers grew in success and expanded to over 1,000 restaurants in 23 countries.

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    United Biscuits

    Wimpy was acquired by United Biscuits and 'counter service' restaurants opened in response to the opening of McDonald's. Bakers SA Ltd bought the South African division of the company. The Wimpy empire had been split up, for now.

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    Wimpy Spicy Bean Burger hits the Menu

    Wimpy was the first burger chain to offer a vegetable burger: the original and still the best: Spicy Beanburger.

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    Grand Metropolitan

    Ever wondered what makes Wimpy Burgers taste so darn fantastic? Apart from the ‘secret patties’ that is. In 1998 delicious Wimpy Relish was introduced to the burger range, which resulted in an astronomic rise in Wimpy Cheesburger sales. A little bit sweet, a little bit tangy, Wimpy Relish is now a firm favourite on the Wimpy menu.

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    The traditional table service units were acquired through a management buy-out backed by 3i.

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    Quorn Offer

    Wimpy was the first restaurant chain in the United Kingdom to offer a Quorn®-based product on its menus.

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    Wimpy became the first company to win the coveted Franchisor and Franchisee of the year awards in the same year.

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    50 Years

    2004 Marked the 50th year of famous Wimpy Excellence, including breakfasts, burgers and more

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    Famous Brands

    Wimpy was purchased by Famous Brands South Africa. After a long split, Wimpy is now realigned across the miles.

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    New Look

    In 2008 the 'new look' Wimpy was introduced. 

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    New Look Restaurants Expanding

    As at April 2010, Wimpy had sixteen 'new look' restaurants in the UK. The number continually increased with more openings and revamps planned in the year. At each re-opening, Wimpy held a launch day with events and offers to celebrate.

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    Celebrating 60 Years

    Wimpy UK celebrated being the Home of the Hamburger in style with our franchisees getting into the party spirit by decorating their stores and even welcoming some A-list guests through their doors!

    Hollywood movie star Brad Pitt was spotted at our Billericay branch treating himself to a Wimpy cheeseburger meal. We also appeared on the BBC’s One Show which celebrated six decades of Britain’s best burger chain, sending food critic Jay Rayner along to our Benfleet branch for a special report. Jay loved our “sense of history that represents a part of British life” and, applauding our longevity, noted Wimpy is “clearly doing something right”.

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    New Menu Launch

    In July, Wimpy UK was excited to launch its new menu to stores across the UK. The four separate menus saw a new approach to food photography and design direction for Wimpy UK and, alongside our iconic burger range, customers could now enjoy a tasty range of salads and ‘lighter choice’ items.

    With this fresh and modern casual dining vibe, Wimpy remains an iconic British brand satisfying hundreds of hungry fans across the United Kingdom. And as a nod to our brand heritage, the summer of 2016 even saw the return of the iconic and much-loved Knickerbocker Glory to our dessert menu!

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