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Whoop, whoop! Wimpy celebrates our 70th anniversary this year! Original Since ‘54

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The first time in its history, Wimpy adds a Vegan Burger option to its menu!

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Bottles of our delicious Wimpy Special Sauce & Wimpy Ketchup become available to purchase at Wimpy restaurants nationwide.

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After successful trials, the majority of Wimpy’s launch a home delivery service.

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Wimpy celebrate our 50th birthday!

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Wimpy are the first major fast food chain to introduce Quorn products!

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Wimpy are the first burger chain to offer meat-free burgers!

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Our famous Special Sauce launches.

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The world famous Mr Wimpy makes his debut in Brighton!

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Wimpy becomes a global brand, as it opens over 1,000 restaurants in 23 countries!

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Our first ‘Wimpy Bar’ opens at the Lyon’s Corner House, London. Did you know Wimpy were the first to serve hamburger based meals in the UK?

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Wimpy continues to serve fabulous food and provide great customer service. From families to celebrities, Wimpy is loved for its affordable great tasting food!

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