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What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing @broken_little_wing #WimpyMoment 😍 ・・・ #thisman he is literally my world and I am his. We are a team, support each other fully. We’ve no secrets. No lies. We talk non-stop, bounce ideas off each other for work and the business we own and are expanding. So as I work full time as the overseas director, he’s building an empire. This is from when we stumbled across a @wimpyuk and got super excited to relive our childhood. Mid-Christmas shopping 🛍 and this made all the anger and stress flow away. He’s been to 7 wars Bosnia. Serbia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Iran and Kuwait (multiple times) 14 tours in total, over 20 years in the Royal Artillery, raised two teenage daughters. I’ve been around the world and hit crazy deadlines. Battle multiple chronic illnesses. Survived extreme domestic violence and nothing is worse than Christmas shopping after a crazy week, on Christmas Eve as we’ve been all over the place and hardly slept ..... so thank you Wimpy for saving our sanity and making my man smile like the #cheshirecat and me a lot less #hangry. Funny enough my parents met in a Wimpy, as did my Aunt and Uncle. They dated many times in one and it’s been something as a child we both went to as a treat so it’s amazing to see something still exist and not changed a bit. #beardedboyfriend #hesnotallowedtoshave #mymanismybestfriend 3 weeks ago