Pop, Pop, Pop

Our Legends menus would not be complete without a selection of delicious desserts. The first to be celebrated is the Peach ‘Pop’ Whirl, a modern twist on Wimpy’s scrumptious Peach Melba dessert, which proved a popular choice with diners when it was added to the menu in the 1960s.

The new Legends version of the Peach ‘Pop’ Whirl takes those traditional flavours of soft ice cream and juicy peach slices, bringing the dish lip-smackingly up-to-date with salted caramel popcorn pieces, toffee fudge sauce and chocolate strands, topped by a cherry and a wafer.

In the 1960s, no visit to Wimpy would have been complete without diving into the dessert menu of soft whip ice cream sundaes, doughnuts, fruit pies, pastries and gateaux.

Available from 1st to 31st July.

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The Original

As the first restaurant to serve hamburger-based meals in the UK, Wimpy was the nation’s original burger chain. And, as customers flocked through its doors to sample the new arrival, Wimpy soon became known as the “Home of the Hamburger”. 

The Original Wimpy Hamburger was described as ‘a square meal in a round bun’, a simple pure beef patty paired with finely chopped fried onions, served in a traditionally toasted white bun. As new trends developed, diners had the option of adding a slice of cheese and a delicious tomato relish – a dish that remains true to its roots today as it proudly takes its place on the Legends menu. 

Of course, every hamburger needs a portion of Wimpy’s chips, freshly cooked to order – no salt, no pepper, no sauce – served straight from the fryer, good-old fashioned tasty and crispy chips every time.

Available from 1st to 30th June.

Shake, Skake, Shake

Our new Limited Edition Corner House Coffee Shake pays homage to the first-ever Wimpy Bar, opened in May 1954, in the famous Lyons Coventry Street Corner House, London.

Originally called a Whippsy, our popular range of Thick Shakes will be joined for one month only by this new Legends Shake featuring delicious vanilla flavours, mixed with chocolate sauce, a shot of Lyons coffee and topped with cream and Biscoff® crumbs!

The Limited Edition Corner House Coffee Shake is available exclusively in participating Wimpy restaurants.

Available from 1st to 31st May.

Why Legends?

Since May 1954, Wimpy was coined the “Home of the Hamburger”, having been the first restaurant to serve hamburger-based meals in the UK. After seven decades of bringing tasty burger joy and thick shake happiness to the nation, we’re celebrating our 70th birthday by recreating some of our iconic early dishes, served up for 2024 with a modern twist.

From stacked out burgers and amazing shakes, to new takes on classic desserts, a new Limited Edition Legends dish will be launched each and every month — from May to December — at participating restaurants nationwide.

Join us in celebrating 70 years of great flavour at Wimpy and make some new memories when you come on over to the “Home of the Hamburger”.

Terms & conditions

Available from 1st to 31st July.
Peach ‘Pop’ Whirl 333 kcal. Contains Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soya, Sulphur Dioxide.

Available from 1st to 30th June.
The Original 649 kcal. Contains Wheat, Milk, Mustard, Sulphur Dioxide. May contain Egg, Sesame. Wimpy Chips 318 kcal

Available from 1st to 31st May.
Corner House Coffee Shake 456 kcal. Contains Wheat, Milk, Soya. 

T&Cs apply. Not available in conjunction with any other promotion. While stocks last at participating Wimpy restaurants only. No substitutes on products offered. Adults need around 2000 kcal a day.

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